Role in the Project: Consultant for scripts and scenes in the theatrical production of Women At War.

Software/Hardware Used: assisted with review of scripts and physical actions, dress and movement of performers.

Influence: Provided recommendations to actors with no military experience, provided my own biography to be depicted on stage.

Results, Impact, or Outcome of the Project: Visibility to the public and local military and veterans community about women’s contributions in the military.

Role in the Project: Artist for various illustrations, paintings, photography and invited speaking engagements

Software/Hardware Used: Black and white photography, indesign, photoshop, oil painting.

Influence: Made an impact on the art community in chicago and students at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Results, Impact, or Outcome of the Project: Cultural awareness of the contributions of the people of Pakistan to assist military personnel in times of war.