Office of Preparedness and Response: Daniel Lee presents the Prehospital Data Program, May 13, 2021

Role in Project: Meeting facilitator, producer

Software/Hardware Used: Webex, IMOVIE

Influence: Training facilitates a culture of learning and quality improvement.

Results, Impact or Outcome of the Project: IDPH is on track to meet strategic planning goals which include increasing

awareness of each employee’s role at IDPH and creating a culture of communication among IDPH employees.

Clearpoint Data Management System

Role in Project: Database designer, data analyst.

Software/Hardware Used: Clearpoint Data Management System

Influence: Metric goals are visualized and projects are planned, tracked and executed in the system by IDPH employees.

Results, Impact or Outcome of the Project: Year over year IDPH has met all reporting goals to the Governor’s office and Comptroller

Sharepoint Project Page built for managing Public Health Accreditation Board Reaccrediatation

Role in the Project: Project Manager PHAB Sole content developer for associated Sharepoint Project Page.

Software/Hardware Used: Sharepoint, Microsoft Word, PDF, Webex (training videos) Adobe creative Suite (Newsletters and other communications)

Influence: Successfully led 12 teams of senior leaders to produce narratives and required documents for PHAB

Results, Impact or Outcome of the Project: IDPH is on track to achieve reaccrediation

Smartsheet Strategic Plan Tracker using WorkApps

Role in Project: Sole content developer for the Strategic Plan Tracker, also participated in creating the emergency preparedness and response strategic priority area

Software/Hardware Used: Smartsheets

Influence: Provide the Strategic Planning Committee with a platform to track and monitor progress

Results, Impact or Outcome of the Project: IDPH is on track to monitor strategic plan activities

Tableau Data Visualization

Role in Project: Content developer for Tableau

Software/Hardware Used: Tableau and Tableau Prep Builder

Influence: Tableau visualizations are a work in progress as of July, 2021