Role in Project: As supervisor, responsible for operation of Closed Circuit Television shop, my team performed maintenance and repair, quality assurance, inventory, and content curation for the needs of the command. I directly managed a three-person staff and $1M budget. My team filmed, edited, and internally broadcast over CCTV, military ceremonies including reenlistments, burials-at-sea, change of command and documentary film projects (shipboard training evolutions). Pictured below are training evolutions with Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams and Coast Guard maintenance crews. I communicated and wrote material for the Seattle Sun Times and Navy Times newspapers. My team transitioned all medium to digital technology.

While serving as an Interior Communications Electrician, I was responsible for the repair of communications, electronics, electrical and electromechanical equipment onboard the U.S.S Dixon and U.S.S. Sacramento, following all military and federal (OSHA) safety guidelines.

Software/Hardware Used: High 8 Cameras, Olympus camera with 16-120mm lenses and filters. Studio production, soundproofing, ambient noise monitor, omnidirectional microphone, white noise tester, fiber optic cable tester, high-8 recorder, beta/reel to reel systems, patch panels, amplifiers, transmitters, CAC 11 and RG 59 cables, connectors, testing devices.

Your Influence: Successfully delivered hundreds of video, audio and training products to clients across the U.S. Military and civilian sector.

Results, Impact or Outcome of the Project: Achieve all missions at each command. Inform service men and women about safety through training. Increase morale.